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 PCB engineer reverse is a process that we use to replicate the functions and specifications of a particular printed circuit board.You can also call it the PCB Clone,PCB copy,PCB back engineering, is the process of extracting knowledge from anything mam-made & reproducing something based on that information.The process often involves disassembling something (a mechanical device, electronic components, computer program, or biological, chemical or organic matter) & analyzing its components & working in detail.

Reasons for Reverse Engineering :

1. Documentation is lost.

2. To examine the working of a product.

3. To update the digital version.

4. Acquiring sensitive data.

5. Military or commercial espionage.

Tools for Reverse Engineering :

1. Disassembler : to convert binary code into assembly code, to extract strings, imported & exported functions, libraries, etet

2. Debuggers : debuggers allow the engineer to step through the code by running 1 line at a time to investigate the results.

3. Hex editors : these allow the binary to be viewed in the editor & change it as per requirements.

4. PE & Resource viewer : all the programs that run on windows should have a Portable Executable that supports the DLLs the program needs to borrow from.

In the research of PCB reverse technology, the reverse push schematic diagram refers to the reverse of the PCB file map or directly draws the PCB circuit diagram according to the physical object of the product, aiming to explain the principle and working condition of the circuit board. Moreover, this circuit diagram is also used to analyze the functional characteristics of the product itself. In the forward design, the general product development must first carry out the schematic design, and then carry out the PCB design according to the schematic.Whether used to analyze board principles and product operating characteristics in reverse studies, or to be reused as the basis and basis for PCB design in forward design, PCB schematics have a special role.