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There are no doublts that all of the Companies want to get their product to the market faster in the least possible time with optimal level of price and highest level of quality. At HopetimePCB we are constantly innovating our processes, enhancing our capabilities and increasing our capacities towards making this come true for all our customers.
For PCB manufacturing/parts assembly and testing to packaging and delivery of products at our clients we take full ownership of getting the products in our customers hands.
Electronic Manufacturing Services for OEM's and ODM's. Flexibility to efficiently handle, low-to-high volume or low-to-high mix product requirements for PCBA.
PCBA Capabilities Include: Complex double-sided, Ball Grid Array (BGA), Micro-BGA, flip-chip, fine-pitch, and high density component placement (0201). In-circuit and functional testing. We are equipped with in-house x-ray inspection, and BGA rework tools.
*BGA Capable, Automated SMT Lines
*Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
*Automatic Selective Solder
*BGA Rework Stations (APE)
*X-Ray Inspection
*Pb-Free, RoHS Capable